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A diverse range of funds

Absolute Return Partners acts as the Investment Manager to a number of multi-manager funds domiciled in Malta. These funds have primarily been created on the back of our advisory work and due to client specific requests. They span a diverse range of investments strategies and as such have differing risk and liquidity profiles.

For regulatory reasons we do not publish specific marketing material on our site. However we have outlined a brief description of each strategy below. Should you be interested to know more, please contact us and once we have verified your suitability, we will happily send you further information.

Our funds

The ARP Diversified Futures Fund

The ARP Diversified Futures Fund ('DFF') is a segregated sub fund of 'The ARP Funds (SICAV) Plc' a Malta domiciled AIFMD approved structure. The sole objective of the fund is to invest in the Winton Futures Fund Ltd, a British Virgin Islands company whose investment technique consists of trading a portfolio of more than 100 international futures and options via a systematic, computer based trading system. DFF was launched in September 2009 and has a 5+ year track record.

The ARP Energy Fund

The ARP Energy Fund is a segregated sub fund of 'The ARP Funds (SICAV) Plc' a Malta domiciled AIFMD approved structure. The fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of energy trading funds with three primary objectives - 12-17% net annual returns, a volatility range of 10-15%, and a correlation to the MSCI All Countries World Index of less than 0.3 over a rolling 3 year period. The fund was launched in May 2016 following months of due diligence work. Institutional investors can also access the underlying managers on a segregated basis, in order to express specific asset allocation preferences.